The Benefits of a Concrete Pump


Any concrete company must think of ways to outdo their rivals if they are to remain successful. The provision of pumped concrete is one way to make sure that they stay ahead of the competition and provide the most versatile methods of delivering concrete to their clients. Not all construction sites provide easy access and thus, the provision of more maneuverable concrete pumps will make sure that you reach more clients.

A concrete pump allows concrete delivery companies to deliver concrete to any place no matter where the site may be or how accessible it is. These companies may deliver concrete to places far away from the road at a height which is below the ground and even through another building because of the extendable boom which is fitted to these machines. Because numerous pumps can deliver these concrete meters away from the truck, it implies that the construction companies may be more particular about where they want to deliver the concrete.

Another advantage of utilizing line pump hire that the sites will not be disrupted by a heavy truck trundling across them. Concrete might be ordered and delivered more effectively and without sustaining any damage to any area of the construction site. Construction sites are busy areas at the best of times with vehicles, workers and materials taking up space and going around such an area might be a challenge for the pump controller who is most experienced. A pump makes sure that the company can deliver the concrete in the most restricted places without any issues. The pump mounted on the pump is the best example.

The truck-mounted pump comes in different sizes and has various boom options. Each concrete pump is made to the highest specification utilizing materials which are wear-resistant. Such materials ensure minimized operation cost and years of reliable use. The pump can output concrete at a rate of 185m3/hour with a pressure of up to 80 bars, bringing delivery to a new level. To learn more about concrete pumps, visit .

For businesses searching for a more compact concrete pump, the urban pump might be the best solution. This is the smallest of the truck-mounted pumps in the range and provides an excellent option for restricted and isolated areas. The 15m extendable boom makes sure that it can deliver concrete to the tightest or remotest of sites and it can be extended 300m horizontally and 65m vertically. The urban pump is just one of the numerous melbourne concrete pumping alternatives provided by the construction equipment firms today.